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Renegade® Viper Hoof Boot

The Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot is the next generation horse boot paying homage to its predecessor, the Renegade® - Classic Hoof Boot. While incorporating the same competition proven pivoting heel captivator design, cabling system, and straps as the Renegade® - Classic Hoof Boot, the Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot features many new upgrades. First, with a sleek new look and available in two bright new colors, Comet Orange and Emerald Green, the Renegade® - Viper® is sure to turn heads. The tread really displays the artistic talent of the Viper's® designer, Kirt Lander, while showing off its aggressive side where it counts. With deeper grooves for longer lasting tread, and an unforgiving look, the Viper® tread will bite the ground better than any other hoof boot that came before.

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The Viper® has been trimmed down, removing material using finite element analysis, resulting in a hoof boot that is, despite the more robust tread, about 15% lighter than the Classic, and with more lateral clearance on both the Boot Shell and the Heel Captivator. A deeper Heel Captivator “gullet” allows for improved pastern bone clearance. The material used to make the Viper® is a new, ultra durable polyurethane resulting in a much longer lasting boot. The inside of the boot is texturized and the Heel Captivator Liner is bonded in place, both for more stability en route.

The Viper® logo and boot size are stamped very large inside of each boot for quick and easy size readability. The sizing scheme for the Viper® uses the metric system while also conforming to the industry standard length first then width format. For simplicity, there will be no extra size designation other than the given size's dimensions, e.g., a boot that is 135 mm long and 125 mm wide will have size designation 135x125.

Sizing for the Renegade® Viper®

For Renegade Classic Hoof Boots Sizing, Click Here


The Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot uses its own unique sizing chart and schematic. Sizing is not the same as the Renegade® - Classic Hoof Boot.

To properly measure and size the Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot, take your horse's hoof measurements (on a freshly-trimmed hoof), preferably in millimeters. If you do not have a millimeter ruler, use the chart for sizing in inches.

The boot shell should not fit tightly.
To determine the proper boot size, add 5mm (3/16") to your width measurement and 5mm (3/16") to your length measurement and compare to the chart selecting the boot size with the closest measure.  For most horses the width measurement is more critical than the length measurement and most horses will be fine with boots up to 10mm (3/8") longer than actually measured.  Horses which are known to travel close may need more careful length measurement selection, i.e. horses known to strike the back of the front hooves with their hind hooves.

Please note that modifications of the boot shell, such as cutbacks on the length, are not offered on the Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot.

Sizing in Millimeters

Boot Size
(Length x Width)
Boot Length Measurement Boot Width Measurement
120x110 120mm 110mm
125x115 125mm 115mm
125x120 125mm 120mm
125x125 125mm 125mm
130x120 130mm 120mm
135x125 135mm 125mm
135x130 135mm 130mm
135x135 135mm 135mm
140x130 140mm 130mm
140x135 140mm 135mm
140x140 140mm 140mm
145x145 145mm 145mm
150x150 150mm 150mm

Sizing in Inches

Viper Boot Size
Length Measurement
Boot Width Measurement
120x110 4 3/4 inches 4 1/4 inches
125x115 4 7/8 inches 4 1/2 inches
125x120 4 7/8 inches 4 3/4 inches
125x125 4 7/8 inches 5 inches
130x120 5 1/8 inches 4 3/4 inches
135x125 5 1/4 inches 5 inches
135x130 5 1/4 inches 5 1/8 inches
135x135 5 1/4 inches 5 3/8 inches
140x130 5 1/2 inches 5 1/8 inches
140x135 5 1/2 inches 5 3/8 inches
140x140 5 1/2 inches 5 1/2 inches
145x145 5 11/16 inches 5 11/16 inches
150x150 6 inches 6 inches


If you have a question as to the best size for your horse, please email photos of your horses hooves with a tape measure showing the length and width to .



Hoof Width: Measured at the widest point of the hoof. Hoof Length: Measured from the toe back to the rearmost weight-bearing surface of the hoof.

Hoof Width: This measurement is taken at the widest point of the hoof, which should be at roughly the middle of the hoof. A very triangular or "spade" shaped hoof, in which the toe is narrow and pointy and the heels are the widest part of the hoof, may not be a good candidate for the shape of the Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot shell.

Hoof Length: This measurement is taken from the toe back to the rearmost weight-bearing part of the hoof that makes ground contact. Make sure this measurement is being taken back far enough; it is common for a length measurement to be taken too short, and the subsequent measurements will then seem to suggest a hoof that is wider than long. The hoof shape should be symetrical or slightly oval; a hoof that is wider than long is often the result of excess flare on the hoof wall and should be addressed before a successful boot fit can be obtained. A hoof that is wider than long may not be the best candidate for the Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boot.


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Renegade® - Viper® Hoof Boots have been proven over thousands of miles in equine endurance riding alone, including successful finishes at some of the most demanding competitions the sport has to offer such as the Western States Trail "Tevis Cup" 100-Miles-One-Day endurance ride that traverses the Sierra Nevada mountains from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, CA, and the Big Horn 100-mile endurance ride in the rugged Big Horn mountains of Wyoming.


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